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U10 Build Out Line 

A build out line will be marked on the field approximately ½ the distance from the top of the penalty area to the midfield line. The opposing team must get behind this line when the goalkeeper gains possession or on goal kicks.
The opposing team may cross the build out line once the ball is in play.
a.     The ball is in play once the goalkeeper has released the ball.
b.    If an opposing player crosses the build out line before the ball is in play, the referee shall stop play and restart play by allowing the goalkeeper to retake the distribution.
c.     If the attacking team chooses to play the ball out by throwing, rolling, or with a foot pass while there are opponents inside the build out line, the ball is in play once released by the goalkeeper.
d.    The ball can be distributed beyond the build out line. That can be done either by the goalkeeper or another player.

Goal kicks:  The ball is in play ONLY once it leaves the penalty area.  Opposition may not cross the build out line until ball has left the penalty area.
Offside: The attacking player is in offside position only between the build out line and the goal line. Offside infractions can ONLY be called between the build out line and the goal line. 

Read the attachment for more information.

Ron Reynolds


Rules and Regulations: Heading the Ball


1.       If a player DELIBERATELY touches the ball with his or her head, an indirect kick is awarded to the opposing team at the point of the touch. Whether it’s deliberate is a judgment call by the referee.

2.     NO cautions or sendoffs for persistent infringement or DOGSO because of this rule!

3.       If there are single-year age divisions in a U12 program, then heading will be permitted in U12 but not in U11.

4.       In standard two-year divisions, heading is banned in U12 (because that’s where the U11 players are, along with the U12 players).

In summary, it’s (now) just like all other indirect free kicks. If it’s in the GOAL area for the attack (going in), move to the spot on the GOAL area line parallel to the goal line and nearest the point of infraction. If it’s in the GOAL area for the defense (going out), restart at any point in the GOAL area. Anywhere else (including in the penalty area outside of the goal area), restart at the spot where the player deliberately touched the ball with his or her head.


Keeping The Game Safe, Fair And Fun

Why should you become an AYSO Referee? We need you. We can't have games without referees. More importantly, it's rewarding and working with kids is great fun!

Referees are critical to soccer - the game can't be played without them. The referee's job is to be the official in charge of the game. He is the independent arbiter and manager of the game. Her authority extends to everyone at the field, including players, substitutes, team officials, spectators, and even assistant referees.

The referee's No. 1 one concern is to keep the game as safe as possible for the players. While there is risk in all sports, the referee is responsible for minimizing such risks from field conditions, equipment, spectators, and the players.

The referee is responsible for enforcing the Laws of the Game in such a way as to keep the game safe, fair and fun for everyone: the players, the coaches, the spectators and themselves. He interferes with the game as little as possible, avoiding making calls for doubtful and trifling offenses. Referees only make calls for offenses they are sure occurred.

We want our kids to continue to play, and they keep playing as long as it is fun. Referees learn that fun soccer varies from age group to age group of players.

Contact your Regional Commissioner if you are ready to become a referee.

Misconduct Reporting


Misconduct or match reports must be completed for every game in which (a) misconduct occurred by a player, substitute, coach or spectator; or (b) other events or conditions existed that should be reported to Administrators.  Reports should be submitted the same day as the game or with in 48 hr.  Reports should be submitted through the match reporting system. to direct you to the Area E website misconduct on-line reporting system.


AYSO Incident Report Form


The AYSO Incident Report Form is used whenever there is a personal injury, damaged property, or threats of or actual physical violence surrounding an AYSO game, practice, event or property.

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