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AYSO Soccer Programs offered in Region 59: What are they?

Fall Core Program: The jewel of AYSO where our open registration allows everyone to  play and teams are balanced every year! Fully 95% of our registered players participate in this program from the ages of 3 to 18. It offers to develop the soccer player with certified coaches, trained referee's, a safe playing environment and best of all - quality soccer.

Post Season - Travel & All-Star's: For Travel Teams, this is an extension of the core Fall program whereby the top two teams in each of the competitive divisions of U10, U12 & U14 go on to represent Region 59 in the Area E Tournament (held Saturdays in January). For All-Star's, the top players are selected for the "All-Star Team"  from each of the competitive divisions of U10, U12 & U14. These teams go on to represent Region 59 in the Area E All-Star Tournament (held Sundays in January).

Spring Soccer: For those who wish to continue playing soccer during the cool spring months, the Region, in conjunction with local Area's offers Spring Select Soccer!  Coaches are given the opportunity to "select" their teams in the competitive divisions of U10, U12, U14 & U16.  We have open registration for the younger divisions where everyone who registers before the close date is placed on a team.  Older divisions are placed on waitlists until we have enough players to form teams with.  These teams are also contingent upon finding coaches.

Extra Program: For a higher level of player competition, Region 59 offers the opportunity for advanced player/coach development as a part of the Extra Program where players actually try-out for placement on a team and then play against other Extra teams from across Section 11 in the following divisions: U09, U10, U11, U12, U13, U14 U15 & U16.

Who do I contact with questions?
Most questions can be answered on our website. Please check there first. All board members have a specific job and our emails are listed on the website. We are here to help, but please remember we are volunteers who also have jobs and take vacations. We do our best to answer in a timely manner. If you don’t hear back within 72 hours, please email again and cc the Regional Commissioner [email protected].

- For questions regarding: Registration & refunds - please contact the Registrar: [email protected]
- Volunteer forms & general volunteer questions – please contact the CVPA: [email protected]
- Referee classes & general referee questions – contact the Referee Administrator:[email protected]
- Coaching classes & general coaching questions – contact the Coach Administrator: [email protected]
- Safety issues including weather conditions or filing an incident report, for questions please - contact the Safety Director: [email protected]

How, when and where can I register my child?
Registrations for the Fall season are generally held in the Spring. We begin our online as early as April and our last registration may be held as late as mid-June. Spring registration begins in November. Watch the calendar and web page for specific dates.

Where are games played?
All of our region hosted games are played at the Chapman Sports Complex at 11852 Knott Ave.  Area play teams (in the Fall they are U12 and U14; in Spring they are U10, U12 and U14) will travel to our other Area Regions for half of their season.  Extra teams, U16 and U19 are section play teams, so they will travel further throughout Southern California.

What do I need to purchase for my player?
Each player will receive a uniform which includes shorts, a jersey, and socks. Players are required to wear shin guards at ALL practices, scrimmages & games. Soccer cleats are also recommended and most coaches like each player to bring a soccer ball to practices. Players in U5, U6, and U8 use a size 3 ball. Players in U10 and U12 use a size 4 ball. Players in U14 and older use a size 5 ball.

What do the division names mean?
Our divisions are labeled with a "U" followed by an age.  The "U" stands for "under".  For example - U6 will consist of 5 year olds; U8 will consist of 7 & 8 years olds, etc.  No players will be allowed to play down divisions.  Playing up divisions not generally allowed, but will be considered on a case by case basis.

When and where will my child's practices be held?
Practice times and locations are determined by your child's coach.  Generally they will hold a team meeting to decided on days and times that work for all parents.  Practices will be held in the Fall at either Chapman, WestGrove Park, or Edgar Park.  In the Spring they will be at either Chapman or WestGrove.  Practices can be held Mon- Thurs.  The amount of weekly practices as well as the length of time to practice will vary by division.

I would like to have my child placed on the same team with [Joey/Susie down the street] for carpooling purposes. Is this possible?
A request to be with a friend may be made for children in the U5 and U6 divisions only. The Division Directors try to accommodate a request, but there are no guarantees. If the wish can be granted while still maintaining team balancing, the Division Director will give it strong consideration.

My child has [gymnastics/swimming/baseball] on Tuesdays and Thursdays and will sometimes have conflicts with Saturday games. Can he/she be placed on a team that practices on Monday/Wednesdays? 
Last year, Region 59 had over 700 kids registered to play soccer during our fall and/or spring seasons. Due to practice and playing field limitations, volunteer coaches’ scheduling difficulties and team balancing issues, this may not be possible. One of the tenets of AYSO is that, “Everyone Plays”, which means that your child will ALWAYS get to play.  But if your child will consistently have to miss practices and/or games, please think carefully about whether AYSO is right for your child at this time.

When I registered, I specifically asked that my child be placed on a specific coach’s team. I just got a call from a coach I never heard of before. Can I switch teams?
All of Region 59’s coaches, refs, field reps, division directors and board members are volunteers. Coaches and refs give up their personal time for training and certification purposes. Please allow everyone a chance to put what they’ve learned into practice. We have many popular and often-requested coaches – think about becoming one, yourself!

"I work full-time." "I am a single parent." "I don't know anything about soccer." "I don't have time." How can I help?
AYSO is an all-volunteer organization. There are numerous positions to be filled and tasks to be completed. Some commitments can be completed in a few hours. In addition to coaching and refereeing, there is field preparation, team managing, player registration staffing, volunteer registration, training administration and regional board openings. Log on to: and follow the directions to “Apply” as a volunteer we’ll put you to work. Remember – “PLAYSOCCER” means everyone plays!

Can I bring my dog to a game or practice?
Dogs are NOT allowed at practices or games at any of the facilities for which AYSO obtains use permits. Please leave your dog at home. Dogs on leashes are equally not allowed at events. City ordinances and our use permits disallow dogs on school property, and our use permits for park fields dictate no dogs at the fields. Please make visiting grandparents, friends, ex-spouses aware of this restriction. Anyone who brings an animal to any AYSO function will be asked to remove the animal from the area immediately. If the animal is not removed, the event will be stopped. Let’s keep the fields safe for all of us and keep our furry friends at home. Thank you for your cooperation in leaving your dog at home.

See you on the field!! Please remember that it takes many volunteers to run this great program for your players. Your help is always needed and appreciated Thank You!

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